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Aquarela Dance Group (San Francisco Bay Area, California) is a dance group focused on Brazilian Music live dance performance.
Contact Aquarela Samba Group for live performing shows, private events/fundraiser, and group classes.

—Samba with Us—

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For over 30 years, Aquarela has livened the streets of San Francisco by participating in
the annual San Francisco Carnaval Grand Parade.
We invite all to come and join the fun!

San Francisco Carnaval Parade
  • Participation in the Parade
  • Attend Rehearsals
  • Join an Ala (section)
  • —Learn to Samba—

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    Come and learn from a native Brazilian the sensual and energetic steps of Samba! Students learn samba no pé — combining footwork with hip and shoulder movements. Join Silvana and learn to move your body to different the samba rhythms, and enjoy a fun and fast paced workout!

    Dance Classes
  • Samba Classes
  • Dance Classes
  • Marin Rocco & Fitness
  • Private Lessons