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Aquarela was founded in 1986 by Brazilian native Maria Amabilis de Souza, with the goal of promoting Brazilian culture and Carnaval throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Aquarela means watercolor in Portuguese, and the ensemble has always included dancers from a variety of backgrounds to reflect the colorful diversity of Brazil. In addition to the dynamic Rio de Janeiro style of samba (samba no pe), Aquarela's dancers showcase a medley of Brazilian styles, including axé, samba reggae, pagode, forro, and frevo.Known for its stunningly beautiful costumes, inspired by the high-end samba couture of Rio, Aquarela is the authentic Brazilian experience.

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In the more than 30 years of Aquarela's existence, it has maintained its reputation as one of the most high quality Brazilian entertainment companies in the US. The San Francisco Carnaval Grand Parade, one of the largest multicultural celebrations on the West Coast, has selected five official queens and four kings from Aquarela, the most Carnaval royalty of any dance group in the Bay Area.